Friday, May 4, 2007

Ugress reveals a Ugress CD I had not known about earlier: Film Music - Selected Cues 2002-2006. He has it in his discography now.


GPS'es are too expensive to be the toy de jour yet I guess - though geo caching and other GPS games has gotten mentioned in the mainstream press. Too expensive yet?

With a view to driving in Italy this May/June I've ordered my GPS. A Fujitsu-Siemens LOOX N560 PDA with builtin GPS. Pretty cool, it's a PDA with the works: WiFi, Bluetooth, ... and Windows. I would have prefered Linux or PalmOS, but I also could not stand the thought of adding a separate Bluetooth GPS unit with charger and wires in addition to the PDA unit as a Palm would have required.

Another possibility would have been a dedicated GPS unit. But a PDA always in my pocket so I can always see where I am seems infinitely more cool.

Looking at the specs of the "PDA" I'm a bit taken aback: 624MHz, 128MB, wireless networking as I said. This is the spec of a perfectly good laptop only 5 years ago. It should be able to play video just fine - my daughter will surely enjoy this at some later time.

The delivery time from my hardware pusher is 3 weeks. I hope I get it before we leave.

First post!! TSSIA!