Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Exhibit your non-life

Facebook. Very social. I just looked at my whatchamacallit, and saw what all my friends have been doing on Facebook lately. And then it dawned on me.

It's a voyeurs smörgåsbord.

Not sure what's cool? Just see what your friends are doing and do the same. Now you are the same, so at least you're equally cool. Even if you're exactly the same.

The voyeur / exhibitionist traits seem strong in the human race. Just look at celebrity magazines and news and Idol and the reality shows. Facebook is the same. See peoples lives. Be seen.

Facebook is missing a "I last had sex with" setting.

Said the exhibitionist blogger and author.


Bosse said...

Well, I don't know your friends, but many of my Facebook friends use it for applications and wallposts that has to be regarded more as asinine timekillers than anything else. Very few people on Facebook have told me when they have sex (perhaps besides through the relationship status, indicating that they're probably bonking someone, and that's usually not an interesting fact of the day) and few of my Facebook friends use the medium to express any interesting opinions at all. Unfortunately.

The fact that lots of people put all their information into wide open profiles is in my view a bigger problem than the voyeurism of Facebook. In my blog entry http://www.klykken.com/node/84 I mentioned the possible threat to privacy regarding the information stored in the Facebook databases in general, and I'm still somewhat worried about this.

jimboler said...

I guess people just like exhibiting their lives, or non-lives, whatever the case may be. Actually, your post reminds me of an ad I saw while exhibiting my non-life on Facebook. It was for a company, whose slogan is 'Exhibit your life'. Now, I can exhibit my non-life even in the real world.

jimboler said...

oh, that company is called Photolimn, www.photolimn.com, sorry:>