Friday, June 20, 2008

All mobile phones suck

I want a new phone. The old one is broken. I'm using the family's vintage backup phone. The first phone I was happy with for more than a year was my old nokia 8890. I bought it so I could use it when traveling in the US, and I did, I even read and sent some small emails on my palm via IR to the phone. You can see it to the left here. It was small, light, and some of my colleagues called it a pimp phone. This was before phones became internet platforms. After the 8890 I got a 7110. The greenish phone with a spring loaded cover just like in the Matrix. The spring, not the tint. It was Nokias first WAP phone. WAP of the time was some catastrophy, data access over GSM was line switched and the minutes were dear. I soon came to miss my 8890 but instead I got a Sony Ericsson phone. It didn't last either. The first phone I ever had that got worn out after a year. I sort of hated it. The UI was flashy, but the CPU could only almost carry it off.

Time passed and Nokia long at last announced the first generation 8800. Steel and glass, and a bit heavy but I liked it. Very much. After two years, last fall, it broke, the microphone stopped working. It sucks to not be heard when you're talking in the phone. I switched to the vintage backup phone. No camera in it. I have a child now, and sending MMSes to my wife from our time away from her (away from my wife) is a missed pleasure.

Nokia now makes the third generation 8800s. This generation has decent battery life, decent picture resolution, and 3G support. Pretty good feature list. And they're so bloody expensive that I'm petrified of buying one. The original 8800 was merely very expensive.

I want a smallish phone with "current" features and not a freakish price. Nokia has none. Sony Ericsson has none. No-one has any iPhones are sort of nice, but way too large. OpenMoko is a very interesting concept, but the handset is too large. ... The closest I've come is Neonode N2. Looks nice, interesting UI, high geek factor. Only two things are against it: User reports indicate poor reception and there is no SyncML to syncronize with our calendar server. Oh, and poor availability in Norway.

There is as of yet no happy ending to this tale. I implore the worlds mobile phone manufacturers to make a small nice phone with a fast nice UI. And good reception. And SyncML. And fer gosh sakes! Sell it in Norway! Norway is a very good early adopter market!