Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mp3 support for Amarok in Fedora 10

I recently upgraded my one Fedora machine to f10. Being a KDE user I was forced to switch to KDE 4 on yet another machine. I must say: f10 with KDE is very nice looking. I've also been forced to this with Ubuntu 8.10 (U810). The KDE 4 in Ubuntu 8.10 is not as nice looking - mostly thanks to the way cool solar background image in f10.

And that 3D acceleration works on my f10 box (old ATI card) and not on my U810 machine - for reasons unfathomable to me. So finally my KDE has native fadey and wobbely windows without requiring the ingestion of intoxicating substances. Clearly the twenty-ohoh's have reached my desktop too.

Which just leaves me with the need to make my point: F10 comes with Amarok 2. As usual mp3 is not supported but the old ways to fix this are obsolete. Working instructions for f10 was not so easy to find. The Fedora Wiki directs it's readers to buy a gstreamer plugin to enable mp3 playback.

In the end I found instructions for getting the support from rpmfusion - yet another addon repo for Fedora. I had to do this:

# rpm -Uvh

# yum groupinstall sound-and-video

To paraphrase Dire Straits (first big release on CD way back then): All I want is my MP3! --- I have no idea which one - or ones of the packages were needed to fix the mp3 support.


ingvar said...

Just wanted to add that rpmfusion is not just "yet another addon repo" for fedora, but, as it's really a merge of the largest existing addon repos, and means to be the extra repo for fedora, including (separate) free and non-free packages that Fedora is not able to ship of license or export regulations.

rpmfusion is a merge between the package repos of Dribble, Freshrpms, and Livna, meaning that most other extra package repos are no longer needed. Also note packages from major out-of-tree maintainers like rpmforge (Dag Wieers, ATrpms, Freshrpms, Dries) are usually now merged into either Fedora or rpmfusion.

A common "extras" repo for Enterprise Linux packages that does not exist in RHEL/Centos nor in EPEL also exist as well, "rpmrepo", a merge between rpmforge and atrpms' packages collections for RHEL and Centos' own Centos Extras.

The rpm World is clearly progressing. Nice, isn't it?


Mss.Janey said...

this worked great!!
i has such a hard time finding a post with the fix that will actually work!!!

GothicAwakening said...

The package in questions is xine-lib-extras-freeworld AFAIK.

mistermocha said...

Hooray! I can use amarok again! I have a limited selection of .flac music, and when I re-installed, only those songs would play. Your post saved my collection, in turn saving the rest of my house. I was able to clean today because I could jam out to a proper selection of music.