Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The secret CLI of the SRW2016 switch

I wrote earlier about my new switch. I've now gotten time to play with it - and started testing munin with it. Munin now has a very nice Munin::Plugin::SNMP module to support SNMP plugins - and just minutes ago I managed to verify that it works correctly with authenticated SNMPv3. My main problem was that I didn't specify '-l authNoPriv' on the snmpwalk command line. When I tried the snmp__uptime plugin with SNMPv3 configuration it worked at once. I spent *hours* figuring that out.

It turns out that the web view for the switch really only works with IE on Windows (not even Firefox on Windows) and even uses a ActiveX plugin. This sucks. BUT, the switch has a s3cr1t cli! Firstly telnet to the switch and enable the ssh interface by navigating the menus.

Then ssh to it, log in on the screen and at the menu screen press ^Z. You get a ">" prompt at which you can type "?" or "help" or "lcli". Lcli will ask for your username and password again. And then you're in a IOS look-alike cli interface. There is a wiki for it here with some articles on different things. It can clearly benefit from your contributions.

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