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Ericsson Mobile Broadband Module F3507g

Umtsmon is a very nice application for wireless broadband on GSM/WCDMA (alias UMTS of old) based devices that looks like AT-command modems. As I wrote earlier (norwegian) I have a wireless broadband device of that kind. Since it's easter I've been able to debug my scripts and can say definitly that it works - and how. So I just posted this to umtsmon-develop:

Hi again,

Since I'm not on the list you may have figured this out already without me knowing. But here I go anyway.

Nicolai Langfeldt wrote:
> following 3g device in a lenovo t400 laptop.
> lsusb:
> Bus 008 Device 002: ID 0bdb:1900 Ericsson Business Mobile Networks BV

It is also known as the more google-able "Ericsson Mobile Broadband Module F3507g". At least two colleagues have differently lettered, but recent Lenovos for the Norwegian market with this hardware. Google says the hardware is also found in Dell machines.

> It publishes 10 USB serial devices. /dev/ttyUSB2 and /dev/ttyUSB4 can be talked to (I have no other serial USB on this machine).

This device has proven to support pppd quite nicely (and also GPS, but that's out of scope for umtsmon I think :-).

* First of all it will only work if used with the cdc-acm (loaded name cdc_acm) tty driver. No chance with the usb-serial/option combo. Some versions of the option driver has the usb id listed and causes autoload. From what I see from some mailing list archives this should soon be fixed.

modprobe -rv option
modprobe -v cdc-acm

The device names are /dev/ttyACM[012]. Each device works the same, but for example you can run some AT commands to make the connected tty into a GPS device spouting NEMA strings. So it can work as a GPS on ACM0 and a 3G device on ACM1 at the same time. umtsmon sould be able to use two ACM devices, one for PPP and one for monitoring - I guess.

* Second, it has a somewhat peculiar AT command set: ATZ does not work. And radio has to be turned on with an explicit AT+CFUN=1 - Here is a pppd style chat script to enable radio and connect 3G:

SAY "Turning on radio (GSM/WCDMA)\n"
"" "AT"
+PACSP0 "ATQ0 V1 E1 S0=0 &C1 &D2 +FCLASS=0"
SAY "RADIO ON - Connecting\n"
OK 'AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","telenor"'
OK "ATM1L3DT*99#"

There is a CONNECT somewhere in the output stream after the final command but chat does not recognize it.

IF I initialize the device with the AT commands up to the "RADIO ON" message utmsmon works with it.

I sort of understand that the next two commands to select

* Thirdly: Here are some command references and more usage examples: samt

Among other things the +CFUN command can be used to set different radio capapabilities (GPS, WCDMA, one of, both, etc.).

I have discovered that AT+CFUN=0 seems to shut the hardware off almost entirely. On my thinkpad I can get out of this by using ACPI to turn off and then on it's power. It should prove harder on other hardware it appears. Kermit is unable to connect to the

* Forth: I know C and I can run software in a debugger. So if you want I can test and debug umtsmon running on this hardware.


My next post here is going to be my scripts and setup for automating the use of this with KDE 4.2

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