Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kubuntu/jaunty - breakages for me

Kubuntu jaunty works for me. KDE 4.2 is pretty and nice and everything. The network manager plasmoid is very nice, it starts early and has the machine networked before firefox and thunderbirds finishes to boot.

Three things are broken:
- Bluetooth (still)
- Amarok 2
- The power management plasmoid

The gnome based work-arounds for bluetooth does not appear to work anymore. More on that later I suspect.

There is a workaround for the amarok 2 problem: - just tried it, and my podcasts are back and EVERYTHING. Some strange sound engine problem though. More on that later if it's interesting.

The power management plasmoid does not manage to run my CPUs at full speed when I select "performance", this after I've diddled with the performance profile so that it implies the "performance" CPU-scaling policy and so on. It also tries to show my laptops two batteries, but there is some one off problem with that so that I can only see the charging state of one of them. Good old Kpowersave to the rescue. It works.