Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Munin 1.4 is coming!

After years of languishing in the shadows of my attention Munin has gotten into the front seat and is running my life. A paid commission to complete Munin 1.4 with certain features has come in. The paid features are:

  • Scalable SNMP plugins (aka many graphs from just one plugin)
  • Drop directories for configuration (munin.conf.d) on the server
  • SSL
  • A stable releasee
And must be done and the delivery accepted by the customer by late November. Some other features are
  • SNMP plugin framework with support for SNMP versi0n 1, 2c and 3 and all manner of authentication
  • OO pgsql plugin framework
  • All new Java plugins using JMX to monitor JVMs
  • Nested grouping
  • Plays nice with RRD 1.3
  • Faster munin-graph due to amazing ability to fork rrdgraph processes
  • Faster CGI graphing, including a fastcgi script (but should still be considered beta)
  • Lots of new plugins in general
  • Lots of new plugins for Linux
  • Some new plugins for Solaris and *BSD flavours
  • Lots and lots of bug fixes and enhancements (~300 tickets closed in the trac).
One of the very cool things about this is that there is increasing community input. As well as the munin-users list and input through enhancement requests and bugs I regularly find very good patches in the trac ticket database. I feel very priveliged to be able to apply a user contributed patch and get better software as a result. Open Source Works! Many many thanks to the contributors!

This being the flu and cold season, for me and my family, I've got no time to loose between hacking Munin and staying at home to take care of myself and sick relatives. I'm scarcely to be seen at work any more, as I lay low to avoid the distractions of the workplace and my habits there.

I have a vague plan that in the future there will be one new stable version of Munin every year, with very very small feature increments to make it possible. I've no idea if I can manage to make good on that, so it's not a promise. It's keeping my fingers crossed sort of thing.

In any case, zero day warez comming your way in a little while!

/me goes back to the munin hacking