Saturday, November 7, 2009

Munin 1.4.0-alpha is released

Munin 1.4.0-alpha is released. Get it while it's not from, or with SVN from the project site at Changelog at

Compared to the last stable release it has

  • SSL support
  • Scalable SNMP support (now ready to take on MRTG, see multigraph_tester plugin for "documentation")
  • includedir statement in master config to include files from a "drop" directory
  • More than 100 new plugins
  • Lots and lots bugfixes
  • All "high" priority bugs have been closed or appears to be impossible to reproduce
  • And lots more
If you test this I'd like you to send a e-mail to the munin-users mailing list about your experience.

Get it while it's hot!


Kacper W said...

linken til changelog er knekt

Nicolai said...

Urk. NĂ¥ er den helet O:-)