Friday, November 13, 2009

Munin 1.4.0-alpha2 is released

Munin 1.4.0 alpha 2 is now out. SVN tag and source tar-ball at source forge.

I've not made as much progress as I'd have liked as I've spent more than half this week sick. Crossing fingers for a better next week.

Changelog at

Some highlights compared to alpha 1:

  • snmp__if_multi plugin now works and graphs your switch traffic and errors. NOTE: Even if this is infinitly faster than the old way, if your switch has a slow SNMP agent you will need to tune the munin-node timeout setting. Run the plugin in munin-run to check it's execution time. My 16 port switch on local LAN gets me a runtime of less than 3 seconds.
  • Actually generates PNGs this time ;-)
  • Lots of different plugin fixes, including fixing autoconf-iguration issues.
  • Some HTML enhancements, including dropdown boxes for selecting peer nodes to view. Configurable with "dropdownlimit" in munin.conf
  • Various INSTALL documentation enhancements
  • Get rid of from the installation
  • Lots of other fixes!
Please test if you can.

I'd like to see install-reports on the munin-users list or in personal e-mail please. If you make bug tickets please mark as "1.4.0-alpha2" and select "1.4.0" as milestone.


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