Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I have never listened to podcasts while "on the go". I have been listening to podcasts on and off on my laptop, my audio-playback-app (amarok) subscribes to a number of shows I like. But to plug in my mp3 player and transfer the stuff has seemed like too much of a job.

Since I moved out of Oslo (to Asker) and started taking the train I've been spending 2-3 hours commuting. I've been reading a good deal. But late in the fall I got a new phone, a Nokia E52. It has a number of features to redeem it: reasonably sized, thin, WiFi, charge-via-USB, and a standard mini-jack for the handsfree - which works well with regular headsets. And a RSS-client in the web-browser. That can download podcasts if manipulated correctly.

Turns out that mp3 players need WiFi - because it was the final hurdle to get me listening podcasts on the train. If asked before this I would have denied that and called it frivolous. But with no need to plug in the phone to get podcasts - it's passed my threshold of "easy enough". Just start the browser at home or at work and click on the podcasts I want to listen to. Now the train rides are much more enjoyable. Quality of life++.

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Bret said...

My E71 has a Podcasting application -- I suspect you can download and install that on an E52. It's pretty nice although sometimes a touch unstable.