Thursday, February 25, 2010

Musikk skal bygges ut av glede

I just wanted to say that Squeezebox Duet (the black things on the right here) rocks. And the server part is written in perl and right on the box it says that Linux (and BSD and Solaris) is supported.

I ripped and put away all my CDs some years ago, and played my music from the HTPC, which was OK I guess. But in the new house I've yet to set up the HTPC (with two small children and a new house, I wonder if I'll ever get the time for it), and besides it's kind of onerous to have to fire up the TV or a latptop to play music. Having a small black box hiding in the shelves and a remote controll with a color LCD and a mp3-player style interface is so much easier.

The reason for the "duet" name had escaped me until I looked at the box and remote control yesterday evening: There is a DAC and headphone/line out jack in the remote, so both the remote and the receiver can be connected to a (or rather two different) amplifier(s). I can connect it to the line-in on the kitchen Tivoli Model Two. I should remark here that much can be said about Tivoli Audio, but they have high WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) and the sound pleases me.

Cool trivia: The remote runs Linux and you can enable SSH on it. A colleague wrote a Munin plugin for it to graph all sorts of meaningless stuff :-) Let's see if I can get him to publish it.

My hat off to the good people at Squeeze for a excellent and reasonably priced product.

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