Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Years ago I had a T-shirt with the text "The Internet is full, go away!" written on it. Apparently a paraphrase over signs found between California and Oregon - some Oregonians had gotten their fill of escaping Californians.

And then of course AOL connected and so did everyone else and their grannies.

Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and some others have since wanted to dominate the Internet. It sort of looks like Facebook might, 'cause both the kids the grannies are there too and they're probably checking facebook more often than their email. And now facebook might have some kind killer email cum messaging functionality. Which may concentrate even more of the Internet's communications on Facebook.

I'm wondering if we'll see an inversion of what happened when AOL came to the Internet, a outflow from closed services onto the big open net. Will we now see the Internet convening on Facebook and disappearing into a closed platform?