Sunday, July 1, 2012

CDs all gone? Give the children what belongs to the children

Some years ago I ripped all the cd's we had and listened to music mostly off my computers. Later I got children, a squeezebox duet and the kids started listening to  stuff in the car off .mp3 cd's. At home their music only existed on a server disc in the basement. I sometimes played their stuff on the s'box but they never requested anything. They are pretty proficient at finding their dvds and asking to see them though. Their musics lack of physical existence seemed to be a barrier from it  being played.

I'm not always the best home project worker but it occurred to me that a s'box radio would give their music physical existence. Just a year after this occurred to me I got around to ordering one. I set up a separate squeezeserver just for their music so they won't have to browse the whole family collection to find their stuff. While I wish the radio had a march of covers so the kids can recognize their stuff by cover art tlit also works to browse by album. The art is just big enough to make out. And now they play stuff almost every day. One of the most used and enjoyed gifts 'til now.