Monday, August 12, 2013

Completing the DVD-rip workflow

In February I posted about ripping DVDs and that I would post a script to compress the DVD dumped matroska files from makemkv into something smaller.  I found out that HandBrake was a cool "trancoding" program. It has relatively easy to understand options and a good level of automatic features. After figuring out what codec and quality settings to make I made SimpleBreak. Now published at github.

SimpleBreak takes one argument: The .mkv file to compress.  The it uses "mediainfo" to figure out what audio tracks and subtitles are available and shows terminal based dialogs to let the user choose languages. It assumes that I always want subtitles - 'cause I do, but it there are none in the source file that's OK.  It produces a new .mkv file with mp3 sound and h.264 video. This is played nicely by our family TV over DLNA and by everything else besides (phone, laptop, pad, whatever).

It produces a file with named the same as the original but with  - appended.  That way I could keep Nemo-English-English around in case anyone adult would like to enjoy the original voices, and Nemo-Norwegian-Norwegian for the kids.

I'm quite happy with it.

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